About Umhyggja

Umhyggja – The national association for chronically ill children aims to improve the conditions of chronically ill children and their parents. The association consists of parents of chronically ill children as well as proffessionals from the health sector.

Umhyggja is Iceland’s representative in NOBAB, Nordic Network for Children's rights and needs in health care and EACH, The European Association for Children in Hospital.

The associations primary goals are:

·        Providing information regarding the needs of chronically ill children

·        Pointing those needs out to the government

·        Encouraging the government to improve the conditions for chronically ill children

·        Improving the cooperation of Icelandic and foreign associations in this sector

Within Umhyggja there are 18 subassociations. The names, websites and email informations of every association is available here .

For further information, contact Umhyggja's office:

Umhyggja - félag langveikra barna
Háleitisbraut 13
108 Reykjavík
Telephone: 552 4242
Email: umhyggja@umhyggja.is